10 DJ Controllers for All Budget Ranges

What is a DJ Controller? A DJ Controller is an all-in-one digital instrument which emulates a traditional DJ Mixer and a turntable into a single piece of equipment and facilitates mixing the music digitally with the help of jog wheels, faders, knobs, etc. on the instrument panel as well as …

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[2020] What to Look For in DJ Headphones and Top 5 Suggestions

DJ headphones

Headphones are the basic necessity of any DJ. The identity of a DJ is synonymous with cool headphones dangling on his neck and besides their ears constantly switching from ongoing music to upcoming music. DJs look cool with these pieces of equipment and headphones are now a part of their …

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DJ Turntables : Pioneer PLX 1000 VS Technics SL 1210

Pioneer PLX 1000 VS Technics SL 1210

Pioneer PLX 1000 Vs Technics SL 1210 Congratulations! We have shortlisted two best models of turntables suitable for a professional DJ or a hobbyist. But are you confused about which one offers a better experience? In terms of product features, price, after-sales service, brand, popularity, etc.? Here, I will discuss …

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Choosing DJ Equipment for Beginners With Product Suggestions

DJ Equipment

This guide will help beginners in understanding different types of DJ equipment and their usage. It will help in choosing all kinds of DJ Equipment for beginners with budget and premium options and sources of availability. You may have decided to follow the DJ as your hobby or to become …

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9 Steps to Make you Great DJ Starting from Beginner Level

DJ for Beginners

Whenever you listen to the throbbing beats of music at a concert or a party, you cherish a dream of becoming a successful DJ. You have come to the right place. Who says you can’t make a career out of your hobby? You need dedication, willingness to learn something new, …

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5 Best DJ Mixers with Detailed Features and Review

DJ Mixers

Introduction to DJ Mixing Simply defined, DJ is taking the already existing music and playing it in a way it pleases the crowd.  As simple as it may sound, it is very tough to do so since it demands not only a lot of expertise but also dealing with various …

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How to Read the Crowd as a DJ (Everything Has Been Covered)

How to read the crowd as a DJ

Crowd plays an important role in a DJ’s performances. When the crowd doesn’t respond to your music then it is an issue. This article is here to address all your crowd related issues. In order to become a successful DJ, you have to control the crowd/audience and learn how to …

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