How Much do DJs Charge

This guide is for both DJs starting out and people looking to hire a DJ. If you are just starting out, here are some quick tips and industry averages to help you charge for your gigs. A few things to put out there: If you are a beginner, try to …

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Beginners Guide to DJ Effects

Meaning of DJ Effects DJ effects are controlled via the DJ controls on that can change the sound of a track. This is the basics of DJing and is used to give an intensive experience to the audience. It allows you to skilfully modify the sounds and to use the …

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How to Use Headphones When DJing or Mixing Music

How to Use Headphones When DJing

There are times when you have to use your headphones for mixing. It may be due to financial constraints that you don’t have booth monitors or can’t afford them for now.  Another reason could be for practicing DJing; you don’t have privileges to create noise without disturbing others. Headphones are …

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How to Start Mobile DJ Business Cost, Profit, Setup, Gigs

Mobile DJ Business

Starting a new business demands a lot of hard work and commitment from any new entrepreneur. It is full of risks, both in terms of personal and financial engagements. But things get more-comfortable if there is someone to guide you with their experience, with DOs and DON’Ts and the tips …

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How to DJ at a Club/Bar as Beginner and Become Rockstar

DJ at a Club

There is a common saying that says, “every journey starts with a single step.” Types of People 1. Reactive These are people that realize the step they need to take to get their journeys going but are not ready to do that, rather they wait for something to make them …

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What is DJ Scratching – DJ Scratch Tips for Everyone

All of us have personal preferences for DJs who can mix music tracks, but not there is much discussion about the best DJ’s that can scratch. After all, the ability to master electronics is one of the most challenging. So, after listening to this word the first question arise in …

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12 DJ Tips for Beginners to Bring Out the Best DJ

DJ Tips for Beginners

A disc jockey commonly referred to as a DJ – are artists who perform or play recorded music, beatbox or rap; transition sounds and manipulates them on popular demand. They are popular hosts in nightclub parties and are experts in engaging the audiences with their coherent music transitions. Whenever we …

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