Advanced DJ Tips and Tricks – Mixing and Transition

Advanced DJ Tips and Tricks

In case you’ve ever been a part of a DJ night, you would have noticed the smoothness with which one trick slips into another. There is no glitch whatsoever, there are no tempo modifications or gaps. When the audience hears the track end, they might get distracted and the hyped …

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9 Steps to Make you Great DJ Starting from Beginner Level

DJ for Beginners

Whenever you listen to the throbbing beats of music at a concert or a party, you cherish a dream of becoming a successful DJ. You have come to the right place. Who says you can’t make a career out of your hobby? You need dedication, willingness to learn something new, …

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How to Read the Crowd as a DJ (Everything Has Been Covered)

How to read the crowd as a DJ

Crowd plays an important role in a DJ’s performances. When the crowd doesn’t respond to your music then it is an issue. This article is here to address all your crowd related issues. In order to become a successful DJ, you have to control the crowd/audience and learn how to …

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