Pioneer DDJ-SR Controller Review

The Pioneer DDJ-SR is a professional and a digital DJ Controller. It fits amazingly within the new Pioneer DDJ controller range because it is a trimmed down two-channel/deck version of the DDJ-SX. It can control all four decks of the Serato DJ, which are virtual. It has a smaller footprint …

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How to Use DJ Mixing Decks (Updated for 2020)

The DJ mixing decks are devices that are used by DJs to control and manipulate different signals of the audio. Many DJs prefer using the mixing decks for other purposes, such as transitions that are more seamless than any other method. A DJ mixer can also be used by DJs …

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Best DJ Tables (for All Budget Ranges)

When you are a DJ, be it a beginner or a pro, your tools and beats are everything! Not only do you need good music but also proper equipment so that you can provide an experience of a lifetime to your audience. The right equipment also comes handy when you …

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DJ Essentials : Must-Have Items for Every DJ

Must Have Items for Every DJ

So, you have a gig in the next two or three days, and maybe it can be the very first gig for some of you, and assume, you have forgotten to take any essential item with you, this can be very bad for you! If you don’t want to ruin …

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How to Get DJ Setup on Budget (Gear Suggestions)

DJ Setup on Budget

So, you have decided to follow your DJ hobby and invest in all that fancy equipment. Well, it could prove to be an ideal choice, if you follow it sincerely with the best of your efforts. Wait, there is a small concern. You don’t have sufficient money to buy those …

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How to Use a DJ Controller (Complete Guide)

How to Use a DJ Controller

What is a DJ controller? Previously a DJ controller was the physical aspect of controlling a DJ software. It had a mixer section that worked the job of a DJ mixer without any actual sound passing through the device. Today the controllers come with a built-in audio interface and external …

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How to Connect DJ Controller to PA Speaker System

Connect a DJ Controller to a PA Speaker

The rising tradition of electronic dance music more casually called EDM, other forms of techno music, and other genres have found different types of equipment and musical instruments which make them so much livelier. The rapidly evolving technology musical devices and types of equipment are getting more and more entertaining. …

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CDJs Vs DJ Controllers – A Comparison

CDJ vs DJ Controller

The DJ era started with the mixing of music on the Vinyl of turntables. The digital technology then came in the form of Compact Discs and CDJs became popular with time. But with advancements in the music playback technology, DJ gear kept on evolving and cheaper but more powerful products …

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10 DJ Controllers for All Budget Ranges

What is a DJ Controller? A DJ Controller is an all-in-one digital instrument which emulates a traditional DJ Mixer and a turntable into a single piece of equipment and facilitates mixing the music digitally with the help of jog wheels, faders, knobs, etc. on the instrument panel as well as …

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[2020] What to Look For in DJ Headphones and Top 5 Suggestions

DJ headphones

Headphones are the basic necessity of any DJ. The identity of a DJ is synonymous with cool headphones dangling on his neck and besides their ears constantly switching from ongoing music to upcoming music. DJs look cool with these pieces of equipment and headphones are now a part of their …

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