Should You Choose DJing Vinyl or Digital Mixing?

DJing Vinyl or Digital Mixing

What are vinyl records? Vinyl records or phonographs were also understandably known as gramophone records. They are analog subsystems to store various kinds of sounds. They come in a flattened disc shape and are inscribed. They consist of grooves arranged spirally. The groove always begins in order from the end …

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How to Mix DJ Music Tracks

Mix DJ Music Tracks

You have unboxed your DJ gear and want to connect everything and start DJing. But basic things first. You need to learn how to mix tracks, and things are going to become technical. But, it is not rocket science. If you have the right caliber for music, you can learn …

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What Does a Mixer Do and How to use DJ Mixer?

DJ Mixer

Simplistically speaking, a DJ Mixer is there to do what it is named for i.e., To mix music of different sources. But it is the job of the DJ to make the mixer do it efficiently and effectively. DJs use their skills in beatmatching, sequencing, scratching, count bars, and equalizing. …

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How to use Cue Buttons on a DJ Mixer?

How to use Cue Buttons on a DJ Mixer

Many beginners and upcoming DJs usually ask this basic question and many of them still ask this common question and the answer is not straightforward. You need to understand the primary usage of cue buttons to improve your DJing and this guide is exactly about that. Most of us see …

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