DJ Essentials : Must-Have Items for Every DJ

So, you have a gig in the next two or three days, and maybe it can be the very first gig for some of you, and assume, you have forgotten to take any essential item with you, this can be very bad for you!

If you don’t want to ruin your upcoming gig, then read this post till the end.

Today, you might be capable of dropping all the greater part of vinyl, however, on the off chance that a PC hangs or you overlook one cable, you can end up in a difficult spot.

Must-Have Items Every DJ Requires.

1. Cables and Power Adaptors

Cables and Power adaptors are one of the most necessary items in the gig, and these can be easily forgettable.

There are plenty of cables and power adaptors required to set up a DJ gig and while packing one of them can easily be forgettable and sometimes you can also leave them plugged in at home.

You should always keep your laptop fully charged before leaving home, and don’t forget to carry the power adaptor as it can be worse for you in case of low battery power, DJ hardware consumes battery at a very fast rate.

  1. Types of cables or leads you must have
  2. Ethernet cables
  3. USB cables
  4. XLR cables
  5. RCA > Jack Cables
  6. Hardware cables
  7. Controller and Mixer Cables

2. Headphones

Have you packed your DJ headphones?

If not, then pack now, otherwise, it is very sufficient to put you in a dilemma. Headphones are the topmost items that every DJ must-have.

You should always carry at least two headphones before leaving home and make sure your headphones are working perfectly.

Another mistake that some DJ beginners often do is, they put their headphones directly into the bag without packing in a good box, and in this situation, there are very high chances of getting your headphones damage due to certain push or fall.

If you are planning to carry wireless Bluetooth headphones then make sure it is fully charged and it has a good battery backup.

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3. Additional USB Drive

Regardless of whether you perform with a laptop and controller or legitimately from USB, having a reinforcement is enthusiastically suggested.

Your laptop can suffer from a  technical issue at any time and in this situation, it is very necessary to restart the laptop to resolve the technical issue so while your laptop restarts, you can connect your additional USB drive to the controller so that no one has to wait and the party goes on.

So don’t forget to carry additional USB drives with you. Additional USB drives should always be of very high quality and don’t forget to test them before going for a gig.

4. Portable Torch or Flashlight

Today, in this smartphone world,  no one wants to carry a portable torch or flashlight, as smartphones already have a torch included.

So, most of you are thinking about why we have included this item?

And the answer to this question is straightforward. Sometimes, our smartphone is too big to cover a particularly small space, in that case, flashlight helps a lot. And sometimes, our smartphone’s battery is very low, in that situation too, flashlight helps a lot.

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5. Smartphone Charging Adaptor

Smartphone! An essential part of our life, but without a charger, it is just a piece of plastic or metal whatever you like.

Nowadays, smartphones are packed with too many features so it’s better to keep your smartphone fully charged and carry its charger before leaving the home.

There are many reasons that can cause fast battery draining, like downloading a new track via hotspot, capturing your pictures and videos and uploading them into social media.

You can also use your smartphone as a portable DJ in a situation when the controller crashes or freezes. And for this, you can start your mobile DJ software.

You have to connect your smartphone to the hardware equipment via a USB cable, in this case, your smartphone battery will drain at a very fast rate and a charging adaptor will become a must-have item. 

6. Top Class DJ Bag

This is the most important thing for a DJ. A top-class bag is always recommended to safeguard your DJ equipment. A top-class bag always has a good no. of pockets and sections, so you can easily put any kind of DJ essential in the bag.

You should buy a premium bag that is only built for carrying DJ equipment. Don’t ever use a simple luggage bag, as it can be very bad for you.

You can hunt for the best DJ bag on Amazon and other alternatives. You can find the best DJ bags at various prices.

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7. A piece of Cloth or Tissue

Professional DJs always carry a microfibre cloth with them. These are very light in weight and can be fit anywhere in your DJ bag.

It can be used to clean water or other drops on your laptop or phone screen. Well, you can also use a tissue paper packet, as they are easily accessible and usable.

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A piece of cloth can easily forgettable and some of the DJs ignore it, but it is still very useful, so don’t forget to carry a piece of cloth or tissue for your next gig.

8. Notebook and Pen

Sometimes, a notebook and pen can be very useful and if you forgot to carry them, then you might face some trouble.

A notebook and pen can be used to record the essential contact and other details of the bar owner, promoter and any other person for the future.

A notebook and pen can also be very helpful in a situation when someone likes your performance and wants to give your contact details to his/her friends or relatives.

Notebook and pen can easily be fitted in the DJ bag so don’t ever forget them.

9. Extension Socket for Emergency

Now, you must be thinking that why I need this, nightclubs already have a lot of power supply sockets.

Absolutely true, the nightclub should totally have an abundant supply of these and a few extras.

But, imagine a scenario in which they don’t.

An extension socket does not occupy a huge amount of space, actually, it can be easily fittable in a small space.

On the off chance that you pack an extension socket, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Extension sockets are not too costly but don’t compromise with the quality because a bad one can cause a short circuit and harm to your DJ equipment so be sure to buy a good one.

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10. Earplugs

A professional DJ always carries a pair of Earplugs before leaving home.

But if you are preparing for your first gig then you might not be familiar with earplugs, and you also don’t have experience how much will be the volume in the venue.

Clubs are noisy and with levels at times surpassing 110db, it is critical to care for your ears.

The conventional earplugs that you get in your nearby drug store will defend your hearing somewhat, however, a custom pair is suggested for better security.

This is the reason all the professional’s earplugs are basic for each gig you play.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money while buying earplugs. You can also use cheaper once.

So earplugs are very comfortable and protect you from the harmful frequency ranges.

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11. Water Bottle

DJ gigs in nightclubs can sometimes be quite debilitating, so, keeping up a water bottle is very important.

Ignoring the water bottle and letting parchedness creep in can cause you to feel spoiled and truly mess up your DJing.

Water bottles are easily available but carrying it from your home is a very good choice because you don’t need to ask someone else.

Another reason behind carrying a water bottle is, sometimes the packed water bottles are not suitable for you and cause severe problems.

And don’t ever replace the water bottle with beer or alcohol because it will definitely ruin your mixing.

12. Business Card

Look, for example, people are really enjoying your performance and want to hear more from you, here comes the role of a business card.

Business cards currently come in too many shapes and sizes, have incredibly innovative structures and shine in obscurity.

So it will be amazing to keep an incredible business card always with you because people still love a physical business card rather than a digital file.

Keep your business card always updated with your latest contact information and social media accounts, as anyone can ask for it at the starting or end of your DJ gig, so don’t ever compromise for a top-class business card.

13. ⅛ or ¼” Headphone Aux

Many professionals use headphones that require a ¼” aux, but a few headphones are also compatible with ⅛” aux.

A few controllers these days additionally come fitted with a 1/8″ aux, yet this is the special case as opposed to the standard.

If you are thinking that you have packed all the essentials in your bag then you might be wrong, as leaving without carrying a couple of headphone aux can cause big trouble in your gig.

These days, both ⅛” and ¼” headphone aux are recommended, as the technology is growing at a very fast rate.

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14. Snacks

Professionals always carry some snacks and fruits that keep them always energetic and ready for late-night parties.

You can carry one or two packets of chips with you. If you want you can also carry a small fruit juice bottle with you.

It is likewise a smart thought to have a few mints or biting gum with you so you will smell crisp when addressing advertisers and club proprietors once the gig has wrapped up.

I also always carry some snacks and a small bottle of fruit juice with me that is sufficient for me to remain energetic all night.

15. Gaffer Tape

Finally, we have a tiny but very helpful tool.

Assume, one of your cables is slightly damaged and you forgot to carry tape with you, in this situation your mind will be diverted every time and this can really affect your gig badly.

That’s why I always carry at least one gaffer tape with me so if I face the above situation, I can manage to handle it.

So, if you have not carried gaffer tape, please pack it and you will be ready for your next gig.

You can also go for duct tape, it is also good to repair certain damages in the data cables and electric wires.


So, until now, we have discussed all the must-have items for every DJ. I have made this post from my personal experience.

So, try not to disregard any of these things as the day will come when you’ll require every one of them.

If there is enough space in your DJ bag, you can also carry your other favorite items.

You can carry sunglasses, a folding multi-tool, and some spare cables.

I recommend you bookmark this page for future use so that your every gig will be awesome, and always check this list before going for a gig.

Don’t forget to mention any other must-have items that I have not mentioned in this list.

Now, you are ready for your upcoming gig.

All the best for your upcoming gig.

Go! Rock the Party!

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