How to Connect DJ Controller to PA Speaker System

Connect a DJ Controller to a PA Speaker

The rising tradition of electronic dance music more casually called EDM, other forms of techno music, and other genres have found different types of equipment and musical instruments which make them so much livelier. The rapidly evolving technology musical devices and types of equipment are getting more and more entertaining. …

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How to DJ at a Club/Bar as Beginner and Become Rockstar

DJ at a Club

There is a common saying that says, “every journey starts with a single step.” Types of People 1. Reactive These are people that realize the step they need to take to get their journeys going but are not ready to do that, rather they wait for something to make them …

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What is DJ Scratching – DJ Scratch Tips for Everyone

All of us have personal preferences for DJs who can mix music tracks, but not there is much discussion about the best DJ’s that can scratch. After all, the ability to master electronics is one of the most challenging. So, after listening to this word the first question arise in …

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12 DJ Tips for Beginners to Bring Out the Best DJ

DJ Tips for Beginners

A disc jockey commonly referred to as a DJ – are artists who perform or play recorded music, beatbox or rap; transition sounds and manipulates them on popular demand. They are popular hosts in nightclub parties and are experts in engaging the audiences with their coherent music transitions. Whenever we …

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Detailed Pioneer DJ DJM-250 MK2 Mixer Review

Pioneer DJ DJM-250 MK2 Mixer

It is an entry-level two-channel mixer for beginners DJs. You can simply mix tracks and do special effects, including cutting and scratching features. Don’t be fooled by its simplistic looks. Although it looks tiny and minimalist, it is packed with loads of features. You can talk about durable Magvel crossfader …

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How to use Cue Buttons on a DJ Mixer?

How to use Cue Buttons on a DJ Mixer

Many beginners and upcoming DJs usually ask this basic question and many of them still ask this common question and the answer is not straightforward. You need to understand the primary usage of cue buttons to improve your DJing and this guide is exactly about that. Most of us see …

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CDJs Vs DJ Controllers – A Comparison

CDJ vs DJ Controller

The DJ era started with the mixing of music on the Vinyl of turntables. The digital technology then came in the form of Compact Discs and CDJs became popular with time. But with advancements in the music playback technology, DJ gear kept on evolving and cheaper but more powerful products …

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Advanced DJ Tips and Tricks – Mixing and Transition

Advanced DJ Tips and Tricks

In case you’ve ever been a part of a DJ night, you would have noticed the smoothness with which one trick slips into another. There is no glitch whatsoever, there are no tempo modifications or gaps. When the audience hears the track end, they might get distracted and the hyped …

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