How to Get DJ Setup on Budget (Gear Suggestions)

DJ Setup on Budget

So, you have decided to follow your DJ hobby and invest in all that fancy equipment. Well, it could prove to be an ideal choice, if you follow it sincerely with the best of your efforts. Wait, there is a small concern. You don’t have sufficient money to buy those …

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Should You Choose DJing Vinyl or Digital Mixing?

DJing Vinyl or Digital Mixing

What are vinyl records? Vinyl records or phonographs were also understandably known as gramophone records. They are analog subsystems to store various kinds of sounds. They come in a flattened disc shape and are inscribed. They consist of grooves arranged spirally. The groove always begins in order from the end …

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Serato DJ Pro vs Traktor Pro 3 – Choosing Best DJ Software

Serato DJ Pro vs Traktor Pro

So you have just chosen to purchase a DJ software, right? Today, in the market, there are different kinds of magnificent DJ Software that are accessible, and everyone is attempting to give everything to its users.  But, in this huge competition, two software is picking up such a great amount …

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How to Use Headphones When DJing or Mixing Music

How to Use Headphones When DJing

There are times when you have to use your headphones for mixing. It may be due to financial constraints that you don’t have booth monitors or can’t afford them for now.  Another reason could be for practicing DJing; you don’t have privileges to create noise without disturbing others. Headphones are …

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How to Mix DJ Music Tracks

Mix DJ Music Tracks

You have unboxed your DJ gear and want to connect everything and start DJing. But basic things first. You need to learn how to mix tracks, and things are going to become technical. But, it is not rocket science. If you have the right caliber for music, you can learn …

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What Does a Mixer Do and How to use DJ Mixer?

DJ Mixer

Simplistically speaking, a DJ Mixer is there to do what it is named for i.e., To mix music of different sources. But it is the job of the DJ to make the mixer do it efficiently and effectively. DJs use their skills in beatmatching, sequencing, scratching, count bars, and equalizing. …

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Detailed Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB DJ Controller Review

DJ DDJ-RB DJ Controller

CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM AMAZON Control your Professional DJ life with this entry-level controller inspired by other professional level controllers available in the market. With the Rekordbox DJ Performance software of Pioneer, you can start DJing right away. The lightweight and compact controller comes with some advanced features and …

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How to Start Mobile DJ Business Cost, Profit, Setup, Gigs

Mobile DJ Business

Starting a new business demands a lot of hard work and commitment from any new entrepreneur. It is full of risks, both in terms of personal and financial engagements. But things get more-comfortable if there is someone to guide you with their experience, with DOs and DON’Ts and the tips …

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How to Use a DJ Controller (Complete Guide)

How to Use a DJ Controller

What is a DJ controller? Previously a DJ controller was the physical aspect of controlling a DJ software. It had a mixer section that worked the job of a DJ mixer without any actual sound passing through the device. Today the controllers come with a built-in audio interface and external …

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