Serato DJ Pro vs Traktor Pro 3 – Choosing Best DJ Software

So you have just chosen to purchase a DJ software, right?

Today, in the market, there are different kinds of magnificent DJ Software that are accessible, and everyone is attempting to give everything to its users. 

But, in this huge competition, two software is picking up such a great amount of prevalence in the market and the individuals are confused about which software is advantageous for them. 

These two DJ software are Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro 3. Both DJ software projects are offering excellent features to attract the crowd.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the most important factors that will make your decision much easier and simpler.

Before we talk about the detailed guide, there is a very important question that we should discuss first.

Minimum installation requirements

  Serato DJ Pro Traktor Pro 3
ProcesserIntel i3 processerIntel i5 processer
Free Disk Space5GB1GB
Release Date19982018
FounderSteve West and AJ BertenshawNative Instruments

Now, it is time to compare both the software from various important aspects. 

Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro is still in the pipeline of hardware compatibility with various collaborations with manufacturers, offering a variety of soft-plug-and-play mixers, controllers and accessories.

 It fits with the controller and mixer ranges CDJ and DJM of Pioneer as well as the Prime Series hardware of Denon DJ. Serato DJ Pro could be better, with enough choices to ensure that the software looks and functions as you like.

Serato DJ Pro Functions

  1. Several FX can only be used in one mode or another. Not all effects can be switched from single to multi-FX mode.
  2. Serato DJ Pro allows you to connect directly from the laptop without the need for hardware. But for this feature, you have to pay and buy the Serato DJ Pro expansion package.
  3. The Master Channel can be allocated the effects units for Serato DJ Pro. Therefore any track from the master output is carried out. After turning off the power, Serato DJ effects seemed to have a nice FX trail.
  4. Serato DJ Pro is regarded primarily as an extremely brief software device with a slightly techy theme, used by many DJs.
  5. Through delving into the fine details of the processing of harmonics during scratching, DJs can speed up and slow down their music quickly without artifacts arising from changes in pitch.

Serato DJ Pro Music Library

The significant bit of leeway of taking the Serato DJ Pro is that it empowers you to fit Rane equipment and promptly download the whole music library.

It helps you to scratch every track by clicking on a butcher and to manually upload each track you are interested in without having to search through the list.

Many DJs on Serato DJ Pro are from SSL, which was used as a tool for DVS, and is not one of the top priorities of Serato DJs.

On Serato, beat grids and track analysis were never the greatest. If this is a deal-breaker to use Serato DJ Pro, use the mixed key. You know that your beat grids can also be quickly changed when mixing.

Serato Evolution

The mastermind behind Serato is the dynamic technique used in algorithms for efficient signal processing.

Although the foundations were laid in 1998, Serato continues to evolve and seamlessly adapt their product to work with a constantly expanding range of hardware.

That is not all; because of the characteristic fast reaction of the calculations, you can scratch and record continuously without endeavoring to pick the genuine sound of the twisted or recurrence moving music hours after the fact.

 Serato DJ Plug’n Play is well used by DJ controllers and mixers from all famous manufacturers.

For your DVS, you need either Serato (Rane SL2, SL3, SL4 or Denon DJ DS1) or a blender (Pioneer DJ S9, Reloop RMX-90 DVS, Mixars pair).

Different mixers bolster an inward stable card with the discretionary Club Kit. Serato DJ still wants equipment in general.

Serato DJ focuses mostly on fundamental, mostly technical issues, contained in only eight available tabs.

Serato DJ behaves more analogously, puristically and thus more simply. Serato DJ Pro has big interactive “vinyl” spinning decks.

Waveforms overlapping. Two phase-and BPM-control matched matching screens.

Smart crates, which filters tracks automatically by chosen attributes Serato White Label into an exclusive pool for free download of tracks Vertical, branched create a layout.

The company is recognized for its automated mixing tools, which provide automatic mastering for vinyl records.

The program also features a DJ blending software with visual displays that are essential for matching waveforms.

Designed for a new level of control by the customer.

The system of hardware-assisted by Serato provides users with precise control. Pioneer, Roland, and Denon are some of the devices that you can use with.

The titles of the apps they sell have recently changed. Serato DJ Pro was previously called, and Serato DJ Intro was now called Serato DJ Lite.

Serato Installation

Mac OS

  1. Go to the DJ Download Serato Page and download the MAC Serato DJ.
  2. You should check your account with your email address and then click on “Start” if you haven’t signed in at
  3. When you’ve done so, you should find that the update has been launched on a blue banner on the top of the browser. First, find and double-click to open the downloaded file.
  4. After opening the tab, the terms and conditions are read and you are asked to press the “Agree” button to continue.
  5. Drag and drop the icon into the folder “Apps” to launch the update.


  1. Go on to DJ Download Serato Page and WIN Serato DJ download.
  2. You should check your account by entering your email address if you have not linked to and click “Continue.” Above the window, you see a blue banner that displays the file that the installation process has started.
  3. The download file can be accessed via Windows Explorer with archive capabilities, as this is an encrypted zip file. Otherwise, you can use other programs such as 7zip or Winzip in your archive manager.
  4. Double click on the “Serato DJ execute” file when you use a Windows Explorer with folder features. If you use 7zip or Winzip you can press on the zip file with the right button. Select and click on’ Extract Here’ from the options given. This will delete the executable file from Serato into your chosen document.
  5. Double-click the corresponding Serato file to open it after the extraction process is done. After you have done, you are asked to read the terms and conditions and press the “I adhere to the terms and conditions” tick box to continue. You can then press on the “Install” tab.

Connect Controller

To be able to make full use of Serato DJ Pro software, it is necessary to be linked to the appropriate hardware or controller.

While you can still do without a machine, only one track can be played at a time.

You will help arrange your catalog, map your demo, and create playing lists with a compatible controller.

When you uncrate your device or control system, a USB cable is included in the kit.

Connect one end of the USB cable and the other end of the USB cable to a socket on your device.

Usually, a power adapter is also included for your unit. Link it to the power source and your app.

Locate the power switch and trigger it to give life to your unit.

Ultimately, connect the speakers with the key outputs of the controller. 


The next move is to build your “My Serato” account after you have linked your computer and program to each other.

You can then trigger all plug-ins, add-ons and your apps. Locate the icon on your screen and dual-click it to start the Serato DJ program.

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If you are using a MAC pc, this is usually found in the application tab. You can see a’ Pay’ or’ Review’ button on the bottom right side of your screen when it is starting.

You will see it. Press this button. The addresses are then asked to be entered and then press “Start.”

After this, a password is also requested. You can start clicking on “Return.” Once you are finished.

You will see again, press the “Activate” button. To see the add-ons available for you, click on the “Expansion Packages” tab.

Tap on each one to trigger them. You also have an option to purchase plug-ins and add-ons if they are not available.


  1. Sticker Lock is the point of reference for the vinyl adhesive is set automatically.
  2. 12 different and 10 single FX on board, booking additional options. But this offer/feature only available for expansion pack users.
  3. The key sync feature is to adjust the harmony of Serato DJ Pro.
  4. 8 x 4 sample slots 
  5. Pitch’N Time * studio quality keylock
  6. Video blending with different graphics, transformations, and effects allows you to make own modifications and tones.

You can access your music library at the bottom half of the page. A big chunk of the computer is already in the library.

Nevertheless, you can click on the library mode to decrease your deck to give your library an even larger view.

Once you search files, you find that useful, it makes tracks easier and faster to locate.

You can review any track and make changes here in the repository, including editing of ID3 tags.

The iTunes app can be used and the Spotify playlists are imported. You can also scan your tracks and create DJ sets playlists.

Especially helpful in the library is the ability to sort boxes into genres, BPMs (beats per minute), keys, etc.

These are useful for processing sounds, excerpts, and acapella. We help you to quickly find tracks while working on other things.

Your standard file browser is your library’s default view. You also have a second mode to search through music, BPM, artist, etc.

There is a planning tab to drag and drop tracks for your DJ set. And then you got a convenient archive for records.

Here you can look back on the sets you’ve played before and found the songs to you. These are identified according to the time and the date you played them.

Serato has partnered together with a long list of suppliers to provide a variety of devices, including mixers and controllers.

Some even come with the complete Serato DJ app. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 is designed to work with Serato DJ fine, but you’re not going to have to buy it separately.

In my Top 10 Starter Guide > HERE you can read everything about the DDJ-SB2.

Or, you might want the complete Serato DJ app to have a high-end controller.

For those looking for a full package, the Pioneer DDJSR2 controller can be a great option.

Advantage of Serato DJ Pro

  1. Brilliant support and promotions for our clients.
  2. Serato has apps that suit all your DJing specifications.
  3. Most pro DJs have verified, proven and tested DJ apps. The top choice.
  4. Technology with a simple eye interface can be conveniently used.
  5. Good for newcomers and DJs.
  6. The top-performing vinyl program, not completely laggy for both DJ’s and turntablists.
  7. Tons of hardware consistent with the simple design of the plug and play.
  8. Good library choices for songs, insightful crates save you a lot of time.

The disadvantage of Serato DJ Pro

 You have to install a piece of hardware to use the software or you’re only on the screen deck to use that device.

Traktor Pro 3

In 2000, the device of the successor Serato, the Traktor, was published in Native Instruments.

The Traktor Studio and Traktor DJ were the first models to be released.

Traktor has been designed primarily for musicians but also for artists and DJs. In 2002, Traktor DJ Studio 2 was released for the second release of this software.

The Traktor DJ version includes functionality such as cue point features, extended looping capability, and scratch macros.

Another update took place in 2003, adding features such as GUI adaptation, OSC support and extended time extension.

Native Instruments joined forces with Stanton Magnetics that same year.

This led to the development of the Traktor Final Scratch and the development of Stanton’s electronics.

Traktor has continued to evolve and develop its offerings to the good of its customers over the years. They have their newest version, the Traktor Pro 3, only recently.

The introduction of Traktor Scratch and the freedom to use its DVS power on almost any sound card was one of the biggest changes that Version 3 introduced to Traktor Pro.

This opens the door for DJs to use their proprietary vinyl or CD timecode mixing schemes and audio controllers for Traktor.

The Native Instruments website contains a list of compatible sound cards and mixers.

Traktor user interface are Waveforms isolated, Application mixer without an external sound card and power for internal DJ operation, Meter of phase for blend phase change, Set tracks in horizontal crates and Explorer code directories, Capacity to count tracks (counter) and to score the tracks in the library.

Traktor features are MIDI Clock for the synchronization of MIDI-

compatible external effect instruments, Rhythm machines, or Synthesizers Loop Recorder for live overdubs STEMS compatible: Beats, Bassline, Lead sounds, and Track Vocals can play 40 effects individually, up to 3 simultaneously combined, not expandable.

No additional hardware need for Traktor DJ.

The software accepts any sound card and processor, and only a licensed controller, blender and interface is required for DVS service.

Nevertheless, the selection of authorized hardware by Native Instruments is less selective.

Traktor Pro 3 Demo Version

  1. The first move is to visit the website of Native Instruments.
  2. You will remember, click on the “Demo” button in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. The desired email address is entered and the connection will be pressed.
  4. Go to your mailbox and see if an e-mail with the downloaded code is obtained from Native Instruments. You should search the spam folder if it’s not in your key inbox.
  5. Click the link you have received once you have identified the email. It takes you to the website for download. As shown on the phone, download the installer.
  6. When done, find and double-click the file in your folder. Follow the installation measures displayed on the screen. You are told to restart your device after the installation process. Tap on the ‘ Restart ‘ button.

Traktor Pro 3 Full Version

  1. A voucher with a serial number for downloading the Traktor Pro 3 can be obtained by buying a Traktor Kontrol S2 or S4. Open the box and try to find a coupon or invoice with the program serial number.
  2. The coupon or piece of paper will also be shown. Open and go to the link provided in your web browser. Build a Native Instruments website page.
  3. If there are Native Instruments downloads with serial numbers, your account can act as a server.
  4. Once the account is established and signed in done, continue to the Traktor Pro 3 update.
  5. Then you find and double-click the downloaded file on your screen. The file will be opened and you can follow the steps shown on the screen for the installation process.
  6. You will be asked to restart the computer after the installation process. Tap on the’ Restart’ button.

Connect to Controller

  1. When you unbox the device or controller, a USB cable is included in the kit. Attach the end of your USB cable and the end of the connector to your device.
  2. Typically, you also have a power adapter for your unit. Connect it to the power supply and your PC.
  3. Locate and activate the power switch to come to life for your controller.
  4. Eventually, if your device has an external audio interface, the speaker leads can be attached to a controller’s output jackets.


  1. Please find the Tractor Pro 3 button on the screen and double-click to open if you are using a Windows Pc. On the other hand, you usually find this file in the folder “Apps” when you use a MAC pc.
  2. The Traktor Pro 3 window will be shown. Up at the top of the page, you will see a “Support” button, then press. This is achieved by clicking on the button ‘ Open Service Center,’ a pop-up will appear.
  3. A new window on your computer will then open. You will be required to enter the credentials of your Native Instruments. These are the same details that you used on the website of Native Instruments.
  4. You should find that your Tractor Pro 3 is still unactivated after you join or login using your Native Instrument credentials.
  5. In the package of your Traktor Kontrol, a coupon or document containing a number was included. Write the serial number on the open window fields.
  6. Unless you lose the voucher or file, you can log in and go to “My Accounts” on the website of the Native Instruments. Through clicking on the top right button “My Goods & Serials,” you will be able to recover the serial number.
  7. Copy the number shown on the page and paste it into the empty fields of the browser of the service center.

Advantage of Tracktor Pro 3

  1. Technology bundled that transforms your DJ sets.
  2. The code can be easily adapted to individual needs.
  3. Easy to use, perfect for entrepreneurs and professional DJs.
  4. Many different controllers and equipment to make you artistic.
  5. Most skilled DJs have the best choice. Proven DJ tech, tried and improved.
  6. Much-hardware compliant.
  7. Great for DJ’s, DVS skills and non-delayed.
  8. You should blend without hardware internally.

The disadvantage of Traktor Pro 3

An odd bug can occur with the software but patches can be required with changes/error.

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